This is what happens when you trust your mama gut.

You create a life that you never believed was possible.

You're in exactly the right place if you:

  • have a student struggling, being bullied, or just "hating" school
  • have a neurodiverse kid who simply doesn't learn "inside the box"
  • are tired of the morning showdown
  • are sick of being the Homework Enforcer
  • spend late nights researching homeschooling
  • are terrified to make a change
You really can make a change, mama! 
You can change the dynamics of your family and heal your relationship with your kids.

My name is Kim and I'm the eclectic homeschooling, almost unschooling, beach loving mom who lives in a lake house in the Olympic Mountains. My only kiddo is 12, and we've been homeschooling since halfway through first grade.

Let's find your homeschool footing and the rhythms that fit your kids and your family. 

Those sleepless nights...

Kindergarten was OK. Not great, but OK. Lots of mornings of my kiddo clinging to me, begging me not to go. Lots of stern talks in the classroom coat closet...

First grade? Things went downhill, fast. Behaviors escalated. 
Mornings became an anxiety-ridden daily struggle. 
Afternoons held meltdowns (and worse). 
Bedtimes? Hours of crying and sitting in my lap, not wanting to sleep because morning would come again.

I volunteered. I was in the classroom every week. I did the fundraisers. I threw myself into supporting her in every way I could.

And then every night, after the meltdowns and the struggles and watching her shut down in class, I would cry myself to sleep.

Until one day, my daughter said, "Mom, I'm just a bad kid. I'm a bad student. I hate myself." And suddenly, it was no longer about making it work. It was, very obviously, not working. And I was unwilling for her to continue down that road. She was 7.

The end, and the beginning.

Two weeks later, she spent her last day in public school. It was her choice to stay that long, because that last day was "reading in your pajamas day" at school, and she got to bring her huge stuffed unicorn.

It's not a big surprise that pajamas and Diamond the unicorn are beloved homeschool traditions at this point!

The decision was terrifying, I won't lie. And I sent the required paperwork to the superintendent via return receipt mail, because there was no way I was facing those school secretaries. Those ladies have laser beam eyes, I tell ya.

But then, it was done. And suddenly the panic of "she'll never get enough sleep if she doesn't get in bed NOW" was gone. No more nighttime tears. Homework fights. Morning yelling. Barely making it on time.

It's been a winding journey, figuring out what works for us.
  • We started with all the curriculum and school-y things. 
  • We tried out the public school partnership program. 
  • We tried the online "fun" curriculum.

And gradually we started to find our way.
That's the journey I'd like to share with you.

Because, mama, if I can encourage you to take the leap, to end the sleepless nights, or help you shorten that path of discovering what works, then you are that much closer to having a family life that brings you joy every day.

Are you on the fence? 
Scared out of your mind to make the decision to homeschool? 
Think you're not qualified to do this homeschool thing?

I've written something just for you. A letter. It's what I would say if we were sitting together at my table sharing a cup of tea. 
Have questions? I'm an email away.