Halloween Homeschool Ideas

October 29, 2021

Halloween is almost here! 

If you need some simple, last-minute, no-prep homeschool Halloween activities for your kids, you've come to the right place!

I love celebrating holidays and special days in our homeschool, and creating moments of everyday joy. 

You'll find ideas galore for Halloween crafts, printables, and learning activities to make the weeks leading up to Halloween fun and festive!

Haunted Village Luminaries

These sweet Haunted Village Luminaries (from my Etsy shop) look so great on your mantel or windowsill when the sun goes down. They print out on regular paper.. and then you can use them in so many ways!

  • Print. Roll sides to make a tube. Tape or glue. 
  • Print. Cut out the houses and decoupage to a glass jar.
  • Print. Cut out tops of houses, leaving a strip of paper. Tape ends. I used an index card to add width in my pictures below.
  • Use battery votives for that spooky glow!

haunted luminaries on a table

Halloween luminaries glowing on a table

Make Delicious Halloween Snacks

There are lots and lots of pages of sweet Halloween snacks out there. This year I wanted to find some savory Halloween treats... maybe some protein... to balance out all that sugar. And maybe some fresh fruit here or there? 

A mom can try, right?

Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now... and for good reason. Sweet, salty, savory finger food? Yes, please!! Check out this super cute Halloween charcuterie board using Trader Joe's delicious goodies!

Or how about some Mummy Brie to snack on while the kids eat their candy? Baked brie is one of my very favorite things, ever.

Another idea: Caramel Apple Nachos from Delish. Oh my goodness. Heath bars, apples, caramel and white chocolate... heavenly.

Taste of Home (oh how I love them) has these super cute Hot Dog Mummies with honey mustard dip. 

These Cheesy Witches Pretzel Broomsticks look yummy and easy enough to not be frustrating. :-) I like the combination of the salty pretzels and cheese.

My kiddo is a big fan of white chocolate AND strawberries, so these Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts will be right up her alley. 

Write a Spooky Poem

We've been writing some poetry lately in our homeschool, in simple forms. It's fun and creative and great to do together. 

You could write Halloween haiku! Haiku poetry consists of a simple, three line structure, with 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 on the third.

Here is our Halloween haiku:

Halloween is here
Jack-o-lantern lights the way
Time for tricks and treats

Another idea is a limerick! Limericks are funny, silly poems with 5 lines. This is a bit more challenging for your older kiddos: the rhyme structure is AABBA. The A lines have 8-9 syllables, while the B lines have 5-6. 

Here is a Halloween limerick my daughter and I wrote:

It's the spookiest season of all
It comes every year during fall
Brown leaves are crunching
Candy we're munching
Until we have eaten it ALL!

Write some poetry of your own, and share in the comments!

Get STEM with Candy

Steve Spangler is our science idol around here and he has some awesome candy experiments! How about color theory with Gobstoppers? (Skittles work, too.)

Or creating your own candy... aka chemistry! 

What about re-creating molecules with gumdrops? This awesome molecule-building activity from NASA is chock-full of delicious learning (and not too messy)!

123 Homeschool 4 Me has a great dissolving Halloween candy science experiment, complete with printable worksheets. So fun.

Learn About Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos has become trendy in recent years - no doubt, the beautiful artwork, face paint, and the colorful ofrendas and gorgeous music have drawn our attention, as well as popular movies like Coco.

I'd love for us as homeschoolers to lean into education and supporting the Latin community, learning and appreciating the beauty of the Dia de los Muertos tradition. 

Here are some places to start:
The more I learn about Dia de los Muertos, the more sad I am that my culture doesn't have a similar way of remembering, honoring, and remaining connected to  loved ones who have passed on. It's a beautiful tradition.

I'm happy that our library and local arts organizations team up to make a Community Ofrenda. I stopped by recently and put up a card in remembrance of my mom. 

Create Halloween Art

We love pretty much everything from Deep Space Sparkle, but I especially love her projects that are no-prep and no special materials. 

Here's a fantastic one for Halloween, all you need is paper and markers or crayons: Romero Britto Inspired Pumpkin.

Art with Jenny K has a fantastic post of simple art projects for Halloween, but I especially love the first one: Halloween Symbols Using Magazine Strips. I love the mixed-media look of this project... heck, if I can't convince my 12 year old to do this, I just might!

Or, you could spend the afternoon making a flying bat wall.

Halloween Math for Homeschoolers

Here are some fun online Halloween math practice games at Math-Play. These range from 1st through 8th grade levels. They are simple and cute if your child needs to practice a specific skill.

More Halloween math games at Math Playground.

A super cute Haunted house math activity from No Time for Flashcards. Her example is addition, but you could do this with any math facts: multiplication tables, mental math (2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction). 

OR even switch it up to a language arts activity for parts of speech, syllables in words, rhyming words... anything you can imagine!

Super Teacher Worksheets has a *ton* of great Halloween math options, everything from word problems, to telling time, to order of operations, to money, to plotting points on a witch's hat! This isn't a free site, but they have such an amazing depth and variety of worksheets that the membership of $24.95 for the year. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my daughter's favorite math practice game EVER... Prodigy. It's a real video game style learning program where kids get an avatar, explore the worlds, and fight magical battles. The programmers usually release fun extras for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. 

(Prodigy hint: we think the yearly membership is *totally* worth it, especially if math isn't your child's strongest subject. My daughter found that the AI in the free program moved too quickly to more advanced math. And since Prodigy doesn't teach concepts - you just answer math questions to cast spells - it was frustrating. With the membership, you can go in as the "teacher" and make assignments of up to 50 questions at a time, right on the skills your child is practicing, so that the game is more enjoyable and your kid(s) aren't given questions they don't know how to solve.)

Color Up Some Halloween Crowns

For the younger crowd, my cute printable Halloween Crowns (on Etsy) are a fun, last-minute cut-and-tape activity. Print them in color and use as-is, or print in black and white and let your little artists decorate to their hearts' content!

Happy Halloween! 

Come back and show me what you and your kids create in the comments!


Hi! I’m Kim. I love crafting, homeschooling, and being near the ocean. I also love encouraging moms to make the leap into home education, sharing awesome resources and tons of encouragement!


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