Free Affirmations Daily and Monthly Planner

October 21, 2021

Are you waking up every morning, struggling to remember what's on the to-do list, feeling behind before your feet even hit the ground?

Let's get all those to-dos, appointments, and things to remember out of your head and onto paper, my friend. You won't believe how great it feels!

You've tried planners, you say? You have a stack of pretty, unused planners sitting in your closet?

Hear me out. This is different - and better! (And did I mention free?)

affirmations printable planner pages

What if your planner could inspire you, reduce your stress, and let you be creative?

What if you looked forward to a bit of morning time that also helped you calm the chaos and reminded you how wonderful you really are?

My Affirmations Coloring Planner can do all that. Yes, really!

This is not just a planner... it's a coloring planner! Grab some of your kids' crayons, your favorite sparkly gel pens, whatever you've got and color a page that inspires you that day. Even 5 minutes spent on creating is good for your soul, and your stress!

Beyond the coloring, though, this sweet planner has:


  • a page of affirmations, 
  • a page to write what you love about you,
  • beautiful journaling pages, 
  • daily and monthly planners,
  • a mood tracker

And more tools to help you remember how wonderful you are and help you mindfully choose to be present and positive as you go about your day.

Did I mention that the Affirmations Coloring Planner is undated? That means you can simply print out a new set every month (as well as extras of the daily planning page) and you are good to go. 

Heading into the busy holiday season is the perfect time to give yourself the gift of a new morning routine.

affirmations printable planner pages

This printable coloring planner is so pretty, and such a joyful way to start your morning! I know as a homeschooling mom, my day can get busy pretty quickly.  Beginning my mornings with a cup of Earl Grey, doing a little coloring and saying a few affirmations leaves me feeling calm and centered.

Just minutes from now you could be feeling more organized and have the month ahead planned... go download your new planner now!

Click the link or picture below!

affirmations printable planner pages

Then come back and let me know what you think! 


Hi! I’m Kim. I love crafting, homeschooling, and being near the ocean. I also love encouraging moms to make the leap into home education, sharing awesome resources and tons of encouragement!


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